In the fall of 1974, the Society’s Recreation Sub-committee installed heavy duty playground equipment on the land at the corner of Nobscussett and New Boston Road. Volunteers began the playground project in the spring and finished construction in the fall. This playground has become part of Dennis culture; parents, grandparents, and of course children can be seen playing ball, swinging, and just having fun all year round in this friendly park.




The Iconic Bandstand located on the Village Green was completed in time for the Town of Dennis Bicentennial in 1993. Summer concerts, weddings, Christmas pageants are a few of the activities that take place here. The Bandstand project was accomplished by volunteers brandishing paintbrushes, hammers, coffee, donuts and all other essentials needed to create this treasure. Society members decorate the Bandstand each Christmas which coincides nicely with the crèche that is erected on the Village Green. The Society maintains and schedules functions for the Green and Bandstand.


Governor Duval Patrick conducted a mini Town Meeting on the Village Green, May, 2009

Nobscussett Park

Nobscussett Park on the corner of Nobscussett Road and Route 6A was un-developed into a pocket park in 2002 after the Town of Dennis purchased the property, which was a former gas station and auto repair shop. This park project was piloted by a volunteer Citizen Steering Committee, which created the architectural plan, coordinated the scope of work, managed contributions, and volunteers. Although the park is Town owned, the Society manages the maintenance and landscaping. The flower gardens are planted and maintained by the Village Garden Club of Dennis.


Carleton Hall

In 1865, Captain Carleton Howes organized a group of citizens to purchase the building which was a former 1828 Methodist "praying house". The building was given to the town as a gift in 1954, at which time the more modern ell and indoor plumbing were added. The hall continues to serve as a community center. In 2007, the Society received a grant to make certain architectural changes to bring the building back to its more historical appearance. Carleton Hall is Town owned and the Society oversees the landscaping. Improvements are on-going.


Soldier's Training Field

The Soldier’s Training Field where the local Militia drilled, adjacent to the Dennis Cemetery, is a Society property.



Plaque: Site of Military Training Field for Colonial Defense - War of Independence - War of 1812


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